Whiskers Wescue

El Reno, Oklahoma

About Us

If you are looking for a cat/kitten that will be a great addition to your family then you've come to the perfect cat rescue site!

I believe that the secret to my success is that these cats are raised in a loving home so they're transition to your home is easier. The adoption fee is $65 for each cat regardless of age or breed. This fee covers the cost of each being spayed/neutered and vaccinated before their adoption. I work carefully to make sure each adoption is as successful as possible.

My name is Joie and I've been rescuing animals in the El Reno area for many years. I believe it's important to follow your passion in life and sometimes that means making a choice that has nothing to do with making a profit. Cat rescue is not a business for me - it's a labor of love!

As important as consistent vet care, daily attention & cuddles are, I also believe it's important to stimulate their brains, I provide various toys, boxes & cat trees for them to play on & investigate!

I decided to start my own official non-profit cat rescue in 2010. I'm a great temporary foster mom but each cat deserves to have their own family. Some rescues I find personally but most are from individuals that have picked up but cannot keep the animal. I also receive calls from veterinarians with found litters etc --

Having a very limited space to house these cats means I cannot take care of more than 20 animals at a time. Each cat is treated as part of my family and besides basic care they are carefully monitored for any illness. I work closely with several El Reno veterinarians making sure every animal has been tested for Feline Leukemia & is healthy. All cats are litter box trained before they are placed in their new home.

Before adopting, you will be interviewed briefly by me to see what kind of pet you are looking for. I offer a full refund or exchange of cats within the first seven days of the placement; however, I will always take them back for whatever reason, even after the seven days.

Many ask me if it's difficult to say "goodbye" to my rescues upon adoption. My response is simply that it's easy when the right family is matched to the right cat!!

I appreciate you visiting this site. Have fun reading the cat biographies by clicking on the bio links to the left of this page.

I would like to add a Special Thank-you to Cheyenne for volunteering her time to help me with my foster cats and for especially helping in their adoptions when we load up for Petsmart in Yukon! You rox it girlfriend!



"This cat is the love of my life!" ~Patricia

"Chicago is the best one! He even watches the games with me." ~Sonny

"For a 6 month old kitten, she is so gentle with our 5 & 2 year old kids! She never uses her claws on them. It's as though she understands to be gentle." ~Kim

"Pippin plays fetch!! He is the funniest cat! He even enjoys going to Sonic with us!!" ~Kathy

"Trinity knows she's the most important member of the family!" ~Tara

"We appreciate what you do for all these cats." ~Jodi

"Loved the 1st one so much we're ready to adopt another." ~Kay

"You can tell little Kingston was well loved -- I will always adopt our future cats from a home rescue." ~Danielle

"Potatoes and Frodo may not be the smartest cats I've ever met, but they are extra sweet and cute to make up for it; they are the perfect addition to our new family." ~Meredith & Nick

Cool Pet Names (free!)

Kingston~ Godiva~ Charleston~ Drake~ Watson~ Sparrow~ Sundance~ Frodo~ Samwise~ Pippin~ Merrie~ Gandalf~ Aragon~ Galadriel~ Gimli~ MacArthur~ Cartwright~ Alfalfa~ Kimber~ Trinity~ Neo~ Jada~ Sebastian~ McCoy~ Kirk~ Spock~ Saffron~ Hawthorne~ Scarlet~ Georgia~ Dakota~ Montana~ Alaska~ Chicago~ Tallahassee~ Kansas~ Paris~ London~ Francois~ Jean Luc~ Jean Claude~ Belle Marie~ Belle Michelle~ Choctaw~ Cherokee~ Chickasaw~ Arapaho~ J.C. (just cat)~ Reno~ Dax~ Elsa~ Grayson~ Chesney~ Downey~ Mylie~ Zipper~